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The Village Garden Daycare

Registration Form

The daycare registration form is available for download here.

Please contact Carrie Whalen or Jon Morin for information on our policies.

Carrie Whalen and Jonathan Morin run The Village Garden Daycare with the help of childcare provider Joanna, called the Village Garden Daycare located at 716 King Street West (the old stone church located next to Tim Horton's in Portsmouth Village).

The daycare space is nothing short of stunning- a big beautiful open space with original wide plank wood floors, hight ceilings and stained glass windows above that let in lots of natural light. Children enjoy a wide selection of natural wood toys, thousands of books and beautiful games, an indoor swing hangs from a large bean, wooden slides and climbing equipment, a beautiful wooden loft with plexiglas panels to look through, a beautiful wooden puppet theatre and of course lots of art. The money generated from summer camps allows Carrie to invest in a lot of nice art equipment.

"It is a very homey and cozy atmosphere. It has this nice wholesome natural feeling to it, and when you walk in there is a big commercial fridge with a glass door and you can see all this beautiful food," she said.

It is a lucky child indeed who gets to eat at this daycare. Organic and locally grown or sourced foods are used as much as possible including eggs collected from chickens kept on site, meats from the Kingston-based Seed to Sausage Company, dairy from the Limestone Organic Creamery and preserved local-organic harvests for winter and fresh local-organic produce in the growing season. Carrie makes fresh soups and stews and homemade bread every week for the kids as well.

Carrie and Jon have been organic gardening now for 7 years at the daycare space and now on a local farm as well as there garlic production is now up to 40,000. heads this coming summer. Carrie and Jon preserve lots of their harvest for cooking during the year for their family as well as for The Village Garden Daycare.

The daycare is much like any other in terms of structure-the kids have free play, nap time and go out for a walk in the big Denmark made Winther quad strollers when the weather is nice. There is one thing that for those who haven't heard of it seems pretty amazing! Potty training is done using the EC or Elimination Communication method which involves putting a child on the potty at specific times and prompting them to go to the bathroom by making a urination sound (similar to Pavlov's dog).

"One little girl came to us when she was seven months old and we had her pretty much potty trained within a couple months and her mom was really surprised. Another child who came to us last September is almost totally potty trained while at the daycare and her parents are just amazed. I don't think there's any other day care that does that," said Carrie.

The Village Garden Daycare is undeniably a gem and many parents are eager to get their child through the door. There are over 40 children on the wait list, but law states that unlicensed daycare can take no more than five children not including your own. "I would love to get the daycare licensed because we are in such huge demand and it would allow for more children to be brought in," said Carrie.

We offer a non-smoking, fabulous bright 1500. sq.ft. play area with wood floors, stain glass windows, natural wood toys, Waldorf toys, hand made toys and educational toys. At the Village Garden we have all new wooden preschool educational furniture, water table, art centers, dress up centers, art tables, thousands of children's books, many musical instruments and much more.

Your child will enjoy healthy, mostly organic and locally sourced meals; art and music; two hours of outdoor time in beautiful Portsmouth Village Parks and waterfront walks with our 4-seat Winther Turtle Bus Strollers

We practice do E.C. (Elimination Communication) with all children to encourage early potty training.

Carrie Whalen, mother of 4 has 25 years of experience working with children and I has been the director of Y.A.K. Summer Camps (Young Artists Of Kingston) for 19 Years.

If you would like to have an interview for a space please email to book a time.

We charge $55. per day